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Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic, life-limiting condition affecting sufferers from birth. Approximately 1 in 2500 babies are born with CF.

With improved prevention and treatment life expectancy for patients has slowly increased and currently stands at an average of 41 years of age.

CF physiotherapy is a series of breathing exercises undertaken as the main preventative treatment for CF. Patients are asked to do physio two or more times a day using dedicated breathing equipment to help expel mucus and fluid from their lungs.

Project Fizzyo attempts to tackle some key challenges associated with chronic preventative in-home care:
- How do we improve patient adherence to this form of life-long treatment when benefits are not immediate?
- How do we use technology to connect the Clinician to the patient, so this traditionally analogue treatment can be monitored and made visible at point of clinical review, correlated with other health factors?
- How can we study the long-term efficacy of CF Physiotherapy and its impact on patient health given no such data has ever been collected or analysed?

The Fizzyo device is a wireless sensor that connects to existing CF Physiotherapy equipment, turning breaths into controls for video games.
CF Trust

“Technology such as this is not currently available and we believe has the potential to really change the way these children are cared for in the NHS.” Professor Eleanor Main, University College London, Physiotherapy.
UCL Hospital

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Fizzyo Team

Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Greg Saul, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Lee Stott, Academic Engagements, Microsoft UK

Nicolas Villar, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Professor Eleanor Main, University College London

Sarah Rand, University College London

Helen Douglas, University College London

Jude Pullen, Maker

Ryan White, Maker

Unity & MonoGame

Project Fizzyo Unity3d and MonoGame Resources

Understand how to get started with the Project Fizzyo MonoGame and Unity3d Framework Project Fizzyo.

Posts & Repos

Posts & Repos

1st April 2017

Understand Game Play and how patients undertake Physio during a gaming session - Example of the Qubi Game Play Project Fizzyo.

Understand how to get started with the Project Fizzyo Project Fizzyo Source Control.

21st March 2017

D&AD Impact & Microsoft Present Innovative Technology For Good - Project Fizzyo

TOWN HALL SERIES: D&AD Impact & Microsoft Present Innovative Technology For Good from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

21 Feb 2017

How IOT and data is changing lives